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Toddler Praise - Monday 16 September

Toddler Praise has returned from our summer break and we are so happy to be able to enjoy our Wonderful church building to come together for Fun and dancing.

Strictly Come Leybourne - 16 November

Please save the date, and book your tickest on the flyers at the church

ABBA comes to Leybourne on a sunny Saturday evening….

Toddler Praise - 15 July

On Monday Toddler Praise had their end of term party. Great fun was had by all. 

It has been a wonderful year for us lots of fun and learning.

Battle of Britain Memorial - 7 July 2019

This week, members of the congregation have assisted The Battle of Britain Memorial in holding their annual commemoration service at Capel-le-Ferne.

Toddler Praise - 18 June

This week at Toddler Praise

The children listened to the story “The tall tower” (Babel)

We built our own towers and wondered what it would be like if we couldn’t understand each other anymore.