Message from Father Matthew

This item arrived too late for inclusion in the October edition of Leybourne Voice. It is also Father Matthew's last message as Priest-in-Charge of Ss Peter and Paul, Leybourne

October is the time of year when in the church we traditionally give thanks for all the things we enjoy; all that is produced from the land and the sea. Inevitably, with the current Covid situation our celebrations will be muted in church, but this time of year does still give us pause for thought.

If we watch the news, we might think there is not very much that is encouraging. Local lockdowns abound here in the UK and around the world infections due to the virus seems to be more and more common.

The wildfires in California and Siberia (among many other places) are a serious concern and the ice sheets seem to be melting at a faster rate than ever before. Couple this with financial and political crises in so many places, the looming threat of recession, and the resurgence of the dreaded “B” word, we might think that it is all bad news.

However, in Leybourne we seem to be escaping the worst of the pandemic (long may that continue) and we for the most part live in relative peace and security. Food security is not something most of us lack and that, in itself, is a cause for thanksgiving. The hymn words “All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above” may not be familiar to all of us, but this time of year it is good to find something to be grateful for – at least the food on our plate - especially when the news is so often so gloomy!

This month I am moving on, we as a family will carry many happy memories with us. Thank you for making our “stay” among you so enjoyable.

With best wishes and prayers


Fr Matthew