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Strategy for hot weather

If you are out and about in Leybourne during the heat of the day, then please consider this...

Leybourne Church is a cool place to be. Being built in the 12th Century, it has thick stone walls which make an excellent insulation against the heat outside.

The Feast of James the Apostle - 25 July

Matthew 20.20-28 - The Request of the Mother of James and John

Announcement gets 'thumbs up' from Diocese

The Diocese of Rochester (@SeeOfRochester) have responded, saying:

Fantastic! Looks great (thumbs up)

New Website announced on Twitter

Ss Peter and Paul at Leybourne launched their new look website today. We posted a short tweet to our followers.

If you are on Twitter, follow us at @ChurchFrstag

Sermon for the Feast of Mary Magdalene - 22 July 2018

Have you ever acquired a reputation for something that wasn’t quite fair?

At school I acquired the nickname – “hands” because while playing rugby I had a habit of dropping the ball because I was so anxious to catch it!