Higher or Lower - Thank You

A big thank you to all who attended and took part in the event on Saturday 8 June. Higher or Lower, loosely based on a TV Game Show, was a great success.

Fifty people took part in the quiz and raffle. The proceeds from the raffle supported Shelter, you generously gave £119 and this will be sent to them.

The evening started with four knockout rounds, proceeding later to the semi-finals and a nail-biting final between The Heavenly Heavyweights (including Father Matthew & Kirstie, the Church Warden) and The Earthly Lightweights (Team Morsley). After some staggering guesses, including one from Sammy who was spot on, The Heavenly Heavyweights walked off victorious.

The Social Committee would like to thank all who supported the evenng and took part in the true spirit of fun.

And now a few pictures from the night:

Team Bruce: The Show Runners

A Backstage Briefing: Where the plan fell apart

What a lovely audience...

...we'd like to take you home with us.