FLC - 100 Club


Like many other charitable organisations, we will be setting up an FLC 100 club

The idea is simple – we will set up a “virtual board” of 100 numbers.  Members will be invited to choose numbers (£1 per month per number), payable six monthly by cheque or standing order.   The number will be drawn each month via an electronic  random-number generator, either at an FLC event/virtual event or at a committee meeting.  The result will then be published via email and the holder of the winning number will receive £30.  If all numbers are sold (we have 110 members) we should raise £1200 pa, less prize money i.e. £840.

Do buy numbers for yourselves and/or family members to help generate some much-needed funds.

For details of the FLC 100 Club rules - Click Here

For an application to take part - Click Here